Spoken English Classes in Thrissur

Spoken English is an approach to language teaching in which a student learns from real-life interaction, which can help to reinforce the value of their studies. Knowing how to speak fluently, one on one, with another English speaker is vitally important for various reasons!

Our Specialties:

1. Accent Neutralisation
2. Group Discussions
3. Basic and Advanced Grammar Fresh Ups
4. Roleplay
5. Debate
6. Day to Day Conversation
7. Vocabulary Skills

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Our Office Address
Peace Tower, 2nd Floor,Above KSFE Chits and Funds Bank,Kalyan Nagar, Ayyanthole, Thrissur, Kerala 680003
General Enquiries
Our Timings
Mon - Sat : 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
Sun : Closed